Bake #2

March 2021
80% unbleached white, 20% red fife wheat

The bake

flour 80% unbleached white, 20% red fife wheat
water 80%, 85 fahrenheit
salt 0.2%
toasted sesame 1 cup, mixed for first fold

Toasted Sesame loaves are great, although I’m still in the process of getting the crumb just right. It’s always fun to try our add-ins.

Pretty sure toasted sesame tops is one of the best.

This time around, I made sure to really work the dough for the first 5 minutes while mixing in the salt and right before the first fold.

Notes for next time

  • Oven spring wasn’t great, pretty sure falling asleep and a bit of a longer cold proof in the fridge caused some problems
  • Plus this time around, I experimented bumping up the amount of wheat flour used. From 10% - 20% (along with a cup of sesame seeds)
  • Going to try and head back down to 15% wheat, without sesame seeds to just nail that oven spring